Tips for Fresh Skin this Fall | The Bird Rock Massage Studio

Tips for Fresh Skin this Fall

As each season changes, so should your skin care routine. Fall may be the most essential time to pay close attention to your skin. Examine and re-adjust your routine to ensure that your skin is recovering from the heat and sun exposure of the summer and preparing for the cold, dry air of the winter. Follow these tips for fresh skin this fall to keep your skin glowing and beautiful:

  1. Use moisturizer daily.

    Hydration makes the skin look healthier. Moisturizer benefits the skin by keeping moisture within it. Using moisturizer regularly helps skin maintain its balance and reduces the chances of skin problems. It can also help to reduce wrinkles by helping to keep skin plump and flexible. Failing to use moisturizer leaves your skin at risk for dryness. Using moisturizer feels great and helps to protect your skin from the stress and elements of the day. Drinking eight glasses of water a day, eating fruits and vegetables or even hitting the steam room at the gym are great ways to give your skin the hydration it needs.

  2. Switch to body wash.

    Chemicals found in many harsh soaps strip the body’s natural oils intended to protect the skin. Using these soaps can leave your skin dry and irritated. Consider replacing your bar of soap with a moisturizing body wash that will clean your skin while protecting and keeping it healthy.

  3. Don’t forget about SPF.

    As the weather changes and gets cooler in the fall, the importance of sunscreen remains. UVA rays are just as powerful in the fall and winter as they are in the summer, making it important to use SPF all year around. UV rays can penetrate through window glass, exposing you while you drive and even as you sit at your work desk. If you don’t want to apply sunscreen daily throughout the cool seasons, use moisturizers that contain SPF to ensure that you receive regular application.

  4. Make massage therapy a part of your regular skin care regimen.

    Massage therapy relaxes and soothes various body parts, including your skin. During a massage, your blood flow increases, plumping and tightening loose skin. The gentle rubbing and kneading of massage therapy helps to remove toxins from skin cells allowing nutrients in. It helps to decrease tension and soften the skin while making it elastic, firm and flexible. Making the decision to include massage therapy as a part of your regular skin care routine can benefit not only your skin, but your overall health as well.