Give a great massage

How to Give a Great Massage Without Any Prior Experience

During a massage, it’s easy to tell a great massage from one that you may not be so fond of! This is because there are many different things to take into consideration when giving a massage!

Each person has different preferences on their idea of a great massage, so it lies on the massage therapist to create a therapeutic experience for the client! Here are some tips so you can practice giving good massages at home with no prior experience:

Listen to the Body

It’s important to slow down and get to know the client on a more personal level. Communication is key! Throughout the massage, wait for feedback from them to make sure they are enjoying their experience and are comfortable with it so far. Each person’s body is different; so take the time to understand each person’s sensitivity levels.

Make sure that when putting pressure on the body it’s not causing them any discomfort! There will be some cases where they won’t give much feedback, if that happens then it’s as simple as asking the person how they felt through the process! This is extremely important because it will help the person get the most pleasurable experience out of their massage with you!

Find What Techniques Work For You

Practice makes perfect! If you don’t have much prior experience with massage therapy, one thing you can do is shadow a professional and learn some of the techniques that are effective on the body!

What is key here is finding the technique that is the most natural to you, making it more enjoyable for the person receiving the massage. With the Internet at your disposal, you have the options of watching videos and accessing scholarly articles that can best guide you in the right direction.

Use Your Whole Body

When giving a massage, it’s important to be aware of using the right body mechanisms while applying pressure points to the other person! This way, you can avoid harming yourself due to overexertion while applying just the right pressure on to the other person.

After all, the massage therapist has to be mindful of their own body to best help the person they are giving the massage to.

Gather Important Health Information

For each massage that is given, the massage therapist must have knowledge on the medical background of the person.

This is crucial so that you are able to know of any allergies they may have to certain oils, powders and lotions! Most massage therapists use this to reduce any friction on your skin by facilitating the strokes of pressure on your body.

Acquiring medical information is of great importance for any massage you give.

Relaxing Music

Different people may have a variety of preferences for how they enjoy their massage experience. Some people enjoy the sounds of nature, while others prefer a quiet room to ease the mind.

Ask the person’s preference and you will find that the massage experience can be enhanced with the right type of music tailored to your client!