What is a Swedish Massage and Why It Might Be Right For You

What is a Swedish Massage and Why It Might Be Right For You

As each day fills up with deadlines and stress snowballs from work or relationships, the body can develop unwanted stress tension that can quickly take a toll on the body and overall health! These stress hormones not only take a toll on the body but also hinder the digestive system and cause headaches and sleeping problems. The Swedish massage is among one of the most popular massages because of its ability to provide a great balance that frees tense muscles while creating a rejuvenating experience all in one. It’s considered a classic massage to receive because physiologist Henry Peter Ling created the massage in 1812 at the University of Stockholm. A Swedish massage consists a few different techniques including effleurage, petrissage, friction and vibration and percussion. This refers to elongated, gliding strokes complete with tapping, vibrations, and kneading. If there is one thing that rings true, it’s the fact that stress cannot be completely controlled but a Swedish massage can help get your mind and body back on track! Below, you will find example of a Swedish massage and why it might be the right one for you:

It provides stress relief.

A Swedish massage is effective in reducing cortisol and insulin levels while significantly lowering the heart rate! Another great result from this particular massage is its effect on lowering anxiety levels by decreasing blood pressure. This is done by applying pressure to increase the blood flow through targeted areas where congestion occurring. This is why a Swedish massage is the one way of getting rid of this stress in a relaxing and soothing way!

Get into the relaxation process.

Thoroughly take a moment to take in your surroundings before receiving a massage. The atmosphere around is part of the relaxation process in and of itself. Calm your body and mind as you get comfortable on the massage table. Close your eyes and take in the soft tones playing in the background. The aromatherapy is enough to take you to another place, right? Are you relaxed and feeling stress-free already? Once your massage therapist begins a range of various techniques, feel the stress melt away little by little.

Give your immune system a little boost.

Swedish massages reduce cortisol levels significantly, which also tends to decrease the stress hormone. This contributes to a healthier immune system and has the research to prove it! Live Science reported on a study from the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 29 participants received a Swedish massage while 24 participants received 45 minutes of light touching. The results were determined through blood samples collected before and after the massage, which revealed spiked immune systems! A Swedish massage not only improves your overall wellbeing, but also improves your health in a significant and profound way!

Discover pain relief.

From an early age, everyone learns that touch can heal. When a child stubs their toe, they immediately grab it and rub the sore spot. Same goes for a sore neck or back after sitting at a desk for 3 hours straight. Certain conditions such as sprained ankles and arthritis can be improved with a Swedish massage. By improving the blood circulation, painful strains can be targeted to promote full body relaxation and promote healing. Overall, whether it’s severe or minor pain, a Swedish massage can make the pain much more bearable and improve body function.