We’re closing our doors again due to COVID-19.

Unfortunately, we’ve been forced to close our doors again. Governor Newsom has instructed multiple counties, including San Diego, to close many non-essential businesses again to protect our city.

Don’t worry – As soon as we’re allowed to open, we will!

BUT, DON’T MISS THIS → We’re working hard to accommodate home visits! An outdoor space is required for safety reasons, and there will be limited availability. However, if you’re interested at all please email [email protected] so we can start planning.

The health and safety of our guests and staff will always come first. Stay safe, healthy, and relaxed! We can’t wait till we get to see your beautiful faces again.

Sending love and wellness,
Shana and the Bird Rock Crew

The Bird Rock Massage Studio
The Bird Rock Massage Studio
The Bird Rock Massage Studio


August Newsletter

August 2020

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