Here’s what some of our customers had to say…

Bird Rock Massage Studio is worth every penny! I had never gotten massages before this year and now I go there at least once a month. The people there are super professional and the atmosphere is perfect for relaxation. You can tell that the staff is highly trained because they know exactly how to relax you, work out that knot, or go deep and work the tissue.

I lift weights a lot and tend to stress/tighten my muscles plus I work a desk , so I personally like my messages to hurt a little. I don't know, maybe I'm a little bit into sadomasochism ... OK, I'm not really that into pain, but I do like a deep tissue massage and the massage therapists really do an excellent job of working the tissue.

If I just feel like relaxing, my masseuse will go a bit lighter and I leave feeling recharged and relaxed. As an insurance agent I'm in charge of protecting people's hard earned assets; I tend to stress a lot and STRESS KILLS. If you are like me, you need to get to Bird Rock Massage Studio and get some work done... your life may depend on it.”

Joseph E.
San Diego, CA
Let me start off by saying that I am normally NOT the type of person who gets a massage frequently... I think they are expensive and frankly I don't have the time for them. My first massage ever was on a cruise ship, extremely pricey and extremely not worth it and from that point on, I figured myself a non-massage type person. This was UNTIL I went to see Shana! I saw Shana for the first time at her previous location in La Jolla and she was AMAZING! I could not believe that I had received such an incredible, enjoyable massage for the price. Since then, I've gone to see her at Bird Rock Massage Studio which is the cutest little place up the street from a gorgeous view of the ocean! The location gets better though.... its also right next to my favorite pedicure place AND starbucks. Needless to say, a massage from Shana = an incredible, girly afternoon. Shana herself is super sweet and makes sure to target the areas you really want her to work on. I would recommend Bird Rock Massage Studio to anyone... I know I won't be going anywhere else!”

Jessica H.
San Diego, CA
LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!!! If you're looking for a great massage look no further! From the time you enter this quaint little studio you feel the stress melt away. The girls are great --you literally can't go wrong with any of them -- they have a wide range of specialties and your body will thank you! The best thing is that you really feel like they care about you and they take the time to customize what's right for your body. I personally LOVE Shana, I think she's the owner! My back was so tight and in just one session I felt a tremendous amount of relief. I was expecting to pay a high price considering the service was so great but was even more impressed with how reasonable the prices are. I literally can't say enough great things about this gem! Trust me, you try it once and you'll feel the difference. 5 stars!”

Katie L.
Encinitas, CA