5 Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy While Working Out

5 Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy While Working Out

Five Ways to Keep Your Body Healthy While Working Out

If you play a sport, enjoy hitting the gym or are thinking of starting a new running routine, you must know that your body works differently when you exercise. When starting a new routine, if you don’t take care of your muscles properly, they might get exhausted. The truth is, your body is a temple and as an athlete you need to take special measures to stay strong.

In honor of all the athletes out there that inspired us during the 2016 Rio Olympics, we’ve come up with 5 ways to keep your muscles healthy and ready to perform while working out!

  1. Always Warm Up

    Warming up is often underrated but it’s a fundamental part of your routine. Jogging for a few minutes or doing some jumping jacks can go a long way to elevate your heart rate and increase your blood flow. This warm-up will help tell your brain and muscles to get ready for a healthy workout.

  2. Stretch

    After you’re done warming up you need to stretch your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Oxygen and blood will be flowing freely through your soft tissue, allowing your movements to be wider and more powerful. Stretching dramatically decreases your risk of getting injured because your joints will be warm and ready for spontaneous movement. You also need to stretch after your workout in order to release tension that may have been created and relax your muscles.

  3. Take Cold Showers

    You might have seen a beat up boxer getting into a tub full of ice after a big fight and thought “Wow, that looks intense!”. It is – and it works. Showering under ice-cold water has many benefits. It increases your circulation, which helps your heart stay healthy while giving you a dose of energy. It also provides relief for your muscles, preventing soreness and speeding up recovery. However, you don’t have to use actual ice to be a hero. You can simply turn down the water temperature for a few minutes before you get out of the shower to reap the benefits of cold water!

  4. Eat Well and Hydrate

    Although eating and drinking are pretty basic activities for any human being, athletes need a bit of extra fuel to reach their maximum potential. Carbohydrates are an athlete’s secret weapon because the body turns them into energy extremely quickly. A diet rich in bread, pasta, cereals and veggies can really make the difference for an athlete taking things to the next level.

    When it comes to fluids, you need to hydrate before, during and after an event. If you combine water with electrolytes you’ll get the perfect balance to stay strong.

  5. Get a Sports Massage

    The best way to give your hard-working muscles a treat is by getting a Sports Massage. This kind of therapy can be used for recovery and prevention of an injury, and to prepare the body before or after an important event. The benefits are infinite and every athlete is a perfect candidate. At Bird Rock you can reap the benefits of a professional Sports Massage by one of our licensed massage experts. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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