Finding Back Pain Relief With Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is directed toward athletes of every kind. Therapists use a specific application of massage techniques to achieve a specific goal for athletes of different types. Sports massages can be given pre-event, post-event, or when an injury takes place.

A sports massage is designed to minimize the chance of injuries and reduce recovery time when injuries do occur. It also helps to enhance endurance and preparation for maximum performance. Sports massages are used to reduce stress and tension that build up from continuous strenuous exercise.

Anyone participating in regular physical activity can benefit from regular sports massage therapy sessions. Many athletes use sports massage therapy as a part of their overall training process for its many benefits, including:

  • Minimizes fatigue
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Prevents injuries
  • Improves heart rate and blood pressure
  • Increases blood circulation