Kinds of Massages

5 Different Massages We Offer and Why They’re Beneficial

It’s time for you to finally get that massage to get you on the right track, feeling renewed, and ready for anything coming your way! Why not do something that not only feels great, but is also great for you! Bird Rock Massage offers a variety of massages that will relieve any prolonged pain to provide a therapeutic and beneficial experience for you! If you do decide to choose massage therapy to be part of your wellness regimen, you can choose from a Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology and Trigger Point.

Here are 5 different massages we offer and why they’re beneficial:

1. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage has become so popular today that it is now the first type of massage that comes to mind. This massage is excellent to soothe any tense muscles by simply using slight, deep tissue manipulations and long gliding strokes. The best thing about this type of massage is that it allows for your body to enter full relaxation mode, all while reducing stress at the same time!

2. Sports Massage

For athletes of any kind such as casual weekend joggers and professional athletes, a sports massage can only be of benefit to you! Bird Rock Massage offers Sports Massage Therapy that can help relieve your muscles with any pre-athletic events as well as post-athletic events! Sports Massage can also reduce recovery time and help you perform at your best for the sport of your choice!

3. Deep Tissue Massage

For some aches in the areas of your back, neck or shoulders it can require much more attention and eventually take a toll on the body! Deep Tissue Massage is similar to swedish massage, yet it entails deeper longer gliding strokes that will get rid of those stubborn knots that are initially causing the pain! A qualified professional massage therapist can help you find the underlying problem of what is triggering the most pain, by targeting those areas! Leave it to them to bring you back to your relaxed self and you will feel genuinely refreshed sooner than you’d thought!

4. Reflexology

If you are gearing towards targeting specific points of the body, Reflexology is filled with excellent health benefits! This unique form of massage focuses on applying pressures in areas of the feet, hands and ears. Studies by Kunz and Kunz found that reflexology actually enhances specific organs proving that there is an increase in blood flow to kidneys and intestines! It’s a must try for your next visit to the spa and say goodbye to the small points of pain!

5. Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Experiencing lower back pain or neck pain? This may just be the go to massage for you! This massage is packed with benefits that will not only reduce the pain you are currently experiencing but it will also prevent the pain from spreading to other parts of the body! Talk about a win-win! This form of massage therapy addresses the muscle knots that affect the whole muscle’s performance. Don’t wait any longer to alleviate the pain that is preventing your body from feeling at its healthiest!