Finding Back Pain Relief With Massage

Finding Back Pain Relief With Massage

Working at a desk all day can cause serious problems for your back. Some people feel that massages are luxuries that serve no real purpose beyond relaxation, but massages can have serious health benefits for those suffering from back pain. Imagine a world where you are no longer thinking about how much it hurts to do everyday activities such as cooking dinner or walking the dog- a massage could change your life in more ways than one!

Massages manipulate tissues in the back and other regions in order to relax the muscles. Through the relaxation of muscles, oxygen and blood flow will increase, allowing for the alleviation of muscle spasms. The pressure and way in which the massage therapist works your muscles will increase circulation in your back, mitigating any stiffness in joints or muscles.

Massage therapists are trained to identify origins of pain and work carefully to ease your suffering. Although you may feel uncomfortable with the idea of being touched by a stranger, keep in mind that these are trained professionals. The benefits of diminishing your pesky back pain will outweigh any discomfort originally felt before your first massage!

You may be aware that certain activities can increase endorphin levels, but were you
aware that massages are one of them? Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are known to give the body a certain feeling of euphoria while soothing pain.

There are many different massages used to ease back pain. These include Swedish
massages, deep tissue massages, trigger point massages, Shiatsu and many more. If a deep tissue massage sounds a bit extreme for your first massage, the Swedish massage may be right for you. It is a basic massage that works to loosen up the body through fluid strokes designed to improve circulation.

Once you are ready to dive deeper into your massage therapy, a deep tissue massage is another common technique. This may bring some discomfort during the massage process, however the outcome is well worth the process. The massage therapist is able to break down any adhesions in your back muscles through deep pressure. This type of massage allows the technician to target a specific area of the back to ensure you are getting the most out of your massage. Do not be alarmed if you feel the therapist using their elbows or knuckles to rid you of your pain, it simply allows them to apply pressure deeper in your tissues, as the name of the massage would suggest.

Your back is a very important part of your body, therefore leaving pain unattended has the potential to cause further health problems down the line. Massage therapy works in many ways to alleviate pain, relax muscles, and leave you with a back that will thank you. After your visit, be sure to stretch and allow your muscles to settle into their new, relaxed form. If you are tired of walking around with the constant feeling of pain, try something new and contact The Bird Rock Massage Studio for further information.