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Why Athletes Need A Sports Massage

Massage therapy has been used throughout the years to promote overall health and well-being. The benefits of massage therapy can be seen far beyond relaxation. Today, many people are using massage as a form of alternative medicine. Athletes have come to depend on sports massage therapy and incorporated it into their normal training process. Not only is exercising the muscles important, but also caring and repairing those muscles that torn down during strenuous activity.

A sports massage is designed to minimize the chance of injuries and reduce recovery time when injuries do occur. It also helps to enhance endurance and preparation for maximum performance. Not only a treatment for injury, massage therapy can also produce physiological and psychological benefits that can enhance performance including the following:

    Increased focus

    A sports massage helps to increase relaxation and improve anxiety. Enhancing the link between mind and body gives athletes an edge over others who may be stressed. Besides physical ability, tactical skills and the ability to focus on a task are extremely important to competitive athletes. Sports massage can reduce stress and tension and encourage focus, which is beneficial during any sporting competition.

    Improved flexibility

    Muscles that are frequently exercised or overworked may lose the ability to relax. This can cause the muscles to tighten and reduce overall flexibility, eventually inhibiting performance. Lack of flexibility is often linked to muscle soreness and may even result in injury. High flexibility is necessary for an athlete to maintain optimal performance and execution. Massage therapy relaxes and stresses muscle fibers, promoting flexibility and giving an athlete advantage over their competitors.

    Ease muscle soreness

    Massage therapy helps to alleviate delayed muscle soreness and pain. A massage works to lower the heart and enhance blood flow and circulation, delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and helping to remove any toxins or metabolic waste that is present. Sports massages can help in the rebuilding phase after an athlete undergoes a strenuous workout or competition, and allow the body to recover more quickly.

Different sports and activities effect the muscles in different ways. It is important for the therapist to determine what muscles are being worked and when is the best time to perform the massage depending on the condition of the athlete. A rehabilitative sports massage is given to athletes who have been injured in order to restore tissue and range of motion and to reduce inflammation and pain. A restorative sports massage is used to help athletes that are looking to train at a higher level of intensity. This massage relieves tensions and improves flexibility. Many professional or olympic athletes result to this kind of massage. An event massage is given right before or after a competitive event targeting specific muscles for each sport. It can help an athlete prepare by warming up muscle tissue before an event, or by removing metabolic waste after.

Anyone who participates in physical activity can benefit from sports massage therapy. Talk to one of our therapists to determine the method that benefit you the most!