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Massage and Yoga: A Perfect Combination to Reduce Your Holiday Stress

The holidays are a wonderful time of year! Full of happiness and joy, family and friends, and who can forget…STRESS! With all of the obligations of decorating, attending parties, shopping and traveling, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed this time of year. As you are running around, planning and entertaining this holiday season, be sure to set aside some time for yourself. If you’re looking for the perfect combination to reduce your holiday stress, look no further!

Bird Rock Massage and Bird Rock Yoga have come together this holiday season to help you reduce your holiday stress with a relaxation giveaway! Together the benefits of yoga and massage make the perfect combination for your health.

Improved Mood

The benefits that you will see from a combination of yoga and massage go far beyond the body. Practicing yoga and receiving a massage can actually make you happier while helping to prevent stress and anxiety, which is so necessary this time of year.

During a massage, the body produces endorphins that reduce stress and help you to ‘feel good.’ Yoga helps to improve your mood and encourages positive thoughts and self-acceptance. Combining yoga and massage can help you to look and feel stress free, young and healthy.

Relax and Handle Stress

To help your body and mind relax and better handle stress this holiday season, schedule a massage and plan to attend a weekly yoga class. Getting a massage lowers the blood pressure and heart rate, allowing the muscles throughout the body to relax, while yoga improves respiration, energy, and vitality. Together, they are the perfect combination to relieve stress.

While it’s important to relax the body, it is just as important to relax the mind. Yoga teaches you how to quiet the mind so you can focus your energy where you want it to go – into a difficult yoga pose, on a meal in front of you, or during an office meeting. The combination of massage and yoga is just what you need to unwind and ease your thoughts and everyday worries during this stressful season.

The wonderful thing about yoga and massage is that there are many different types of each. You can tailor your yoga training and massage technique to fit your personal needs. Depending on your schedule and desired results, you may want to enjoy a massage before or after a yoga session. Schedule your massage prior to attending yoga class to warm up and stretch your muscles. Because your muscles are already loose, you will get more out of your yoga training and possibly achieve those poses you’ve been so working hard to get! If you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, schedule your massage for after a yoga session when you have more leisure time and can relax your mind and possibly even drift off peacefully.

It is hard to find a better combination of relaxation, increased circulation, and range of motion. Yoga and massage can work together to relieve stress and tension throughout your life. Not only are they important habits for the holiday season, but they should also be part of your regular health regimen. The combined benefits are essential to your overall health and well-being.

Talk to a therapist at Bird Rock Massage or a trainer at Bird Rock Yoga to determine the best method for you. Check out our Facebook pages for information on how to enter to win our holiday relaxation giveaway!

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